Take Better Pictures With Photography Tips

How to Make Group Photography Work Outstanding

First, the use of aperture lens 1 Use telephoto lens to close the screen The most likely encountered problem of group photography and outdoor photography scene is that there are so many people. Many photographers are around a model, they all want to find the best angle. And more of the outdoor scenes are selected in a public place, there are inevitably some pedestrians appear inadvertently, so we have to try to avoid the emergence of large scenes, or it will be very easy for the model to be submerged by passers. Appropriate choice of telephoto lens to close the screen and eliminate excess elements. 2 Use large aperture to blur the background Sometimes the cluttered background is inevitable, and do not forget to adjust the aperture setting at this time. We can use a large aperture to blur the background fully, weaken the cluttered crowd and scene, highlight the characters themselves fully, but also create stronger and more three-dimensional sense of space. Second, the composition skills 1. Appropriate blank Messy crowd is sticky on the background like the sugar, which is the destruction of the screen, then it would be better to try some special composition. Bold blank to make the model in a small part of the screen, use a large part of screen to show the cherry fully! 2 .Bold choice While avoiding the crowd, but we always feel something is lacking. It is difficult to photograph the whole model while photograph the beautiful background. You had better be closer simply and make choice boldly, focus the lens on the model's beautiful face, the effect will be surprisingly satisfying. Third, creative elegance 1 .special angle In addition to using telephoto to close the screen and bold composition, in fact, there are many ways to avoid the clutter of people, such as the use of some special angles, like the angles in the screen. Photographing from low angle is the common method to avoid the crowd, make the sky as the background, clean and simple. If you find some commanding height, you can also try to photograph from high angle, you will often have surprising harvest. 2 .Look for foreground

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