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Low Light Photography Skills 5 Simple Skills on Shooting Sunset

Many people like shooting in low light for a simple reason that the low light can create a special scene and exposure that gives you an extra happiness. Low light photography in the pale mottled light and ambiguous atmosphere was drifting like a trace of melancholy mortal joy. Low-light photography shows us another skill, personality, stimulus strength and mystery and passes other occasions which are not easy to see the beauty and strength. 1. Reasonable mix of aperture and ISO The most basic laws of nature photography apply equally to low-light photography, the larger the aperture, the higher the shutter speed, ISO, the lower, the higher picture quality, the longer the exposure time, there is more likely to noise; I suggest you use F22 aperture for maximum depth of field; ISO is as low as possible in order to reduce unnecessary noise, generally use ISO 100. 2. A stable long exposure The biggest feature of low light photography is the "long" shooting time. You often need a few seconds, or even tens of seconds to complete your shooting, so a solid tripod is essential; In addition, the shutter can also be effective in reducing that may occur when you press the shutter jitter. 3. 3 ?? 3 Environmental Test Shots Fix your digital camera with a tripod. The ISO is adjusted to 100, aperture F22, according to 5 seconds, 10 seconds and 20 seconds for each shooting. The three photos from shooting to get on the scene to determine the exact lighting effects - you often need to use B gate to get such a long exposure, according to the three test results to determine the final shot using exposure times. 4. Keep trying and stay fresh Thanks to the creative potential of very low-light photography, you do not have to adhere to a fixed aperture, shutter, ISO settings, just constantly try new possibilities, use different time and light to finish your work. 5. In this extreme long exposure shooting situations, RAW format provides quality results are much higher than the JPEG format. Do not mean your memory card space on the quality of perseverance will bring the most excellent photo. And RAW files are also conducive to post photos through photo editor for a variety of post-processing.

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