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Photo Storage Comes In All Shapes And Sizes

Professional and amateur photographers alike can build up a huge collection of photos in a relatively short period of time. Without a way to categorize and store those important artifacts, they can become lost or damaged. Many photographers use photo boxes, bags and tissue as a way to preserve and protect their fine photographs for the long term.

Photo storage boxes offer a preferred way to store many photographs safely. In fact, archival photo storage can include archival-quality photo boxes, the same type used by museums and fine art galleries to store their fine photographs. This type of photo storage offers several advantages to the photographer. First, the boxes are of ample size and depth that a large number of photos can be stored together in the same box. Sizes for photo boxes range from eight by ten inches to twenty-two by thirty inches, and all with a three-inch depth. Secondly, box photo storage offers you several different ways to sort your photos.

You might sort by photographer, by year, or by subject matter. In this way, you can easily retrieve specific photographs quickly and easily, especially when you label the outside of the photo storage boxes with their contents. Third, a quality photo storage box will be reinforced at stress points, notably the corners. If you plan to stack your boxes in storage, this becomes important, because you do not want the boxes sagging and crushing under their own weight. Instead, boxes that come with corners reinforced with metal will be durable, and offer better protection for your fine photographs than plain paper boxes will. Finally, photo storage boxes should be made of acid-free materials. Acids can stain and yellow the surface of your photographs, damaging them beyond repair. By avoiding acids wherever possible, you can prolong the life of your artwork. The best museum-quality photo storage boxes are always made with acid-free interiors in order to better safeguard their contents from harm not only from acids, but also pollution and ultra-violet light.

Photo storage is also available with clear plastic bags. These photo storage bags allow you to easily see what is inside, and you can store single photographs inside them. Along with proper photo storage in the form of boxes and bags, you may also want to consider using acid-free tissue paper. The tissue is placed in between photos, which provides an extra layer of protection so that no corrosion or damage can occur to the photograph's surface. All of these items can be used together to form an organized and effective photo storage system for any photographer.

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