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Trying To Find The Reason For Photography

What are you considering about when you take shootings? No matter for the photography learners or for the professional photographers, they will think about one question before they press the shutter -Why I shoot this photo? Indeed. If you want to improve your level, this question will be quite useful. So, try to find the reason for shooting to improve yourself. Maybe you want to take shootings for the following reasons. 1. Because it is is a very common answer. For example, when you see the beautiful scenery, you will want to shoot down and then save it or share it on website. However, the question is, beautiful scenery is not equal to the pretty photo. Maybe you think the scenery is attractive, but when you take it into a photo, you will feel it boring. So, beauty is not the only reason for photography. 2. Because of your feeling.Maybe this is the best reason for shooting. If one scene can touch your heart, you'd better try to record this situation by your dv and share it with other people. No matter through a photo or a video, if it could show your feeling to others via the computer screen, we can say that this is a successful shooting. 3. Because of the a situation can be compressed into a photograph and this photo can tell people a rich story, this situation is worthy of shooting. You should try to find more opportunities for this kind of shooting, especially when you are in travel. Excellent photographers are trying to tell us the stories of the world through their excellent works. 4. Because of the guidance.Sometimes, a photograph will be better than thousands of words. If you feel that one scene could teach you something for the first view, please ignore the photography skills, just shoot it with your own feeling. Maybe you can learn a lot from this picture. 5. Because I want to keep this moment as a memory.Maybe it is just the sunset on the beach. Maybe it is just a cup of lonely coffee on your desk. Yes. These are very common things in our life. But if they are your private memories, keep them forever. You don't need to share them with your families and friends because they can't understand your feeling. Just keep them with you. There are so many reasons for shooting. I don't mean that you are superficial when you take shoot just because it is beautiful, but if you consider more, you can take better shootings. We should try to find more worthwhile things around us. What's more, when you achieve good works, you can share them with other people. From their comments, you will know you better. Video is also a good way to record our life. Sometimes, if you record a video by your dv and want to know how to convert mac avi to iPad, maybe you can get some useful information from the page .

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